Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap betting is a very popular way of betting on football as it is potentially less risky than traditional "Win-Draw-Win" style betting. Asian Handicap takes away the draw option leaving the punter a 2 way bet and potentially fairer odds too. To balance a match one team may be set a handicap (e.g. -1) and it must overcome this deficit to record a win for the punter.

A useful mini guide to the terms used in Asian Handicap can be found at Ladbrokes. It briefly explains that Asian Line Handicaps are made up of the Handicap Line and the Money Line. The Handicap Line refers is the terms of the bet and can either be Simple Handicap or Split Handicap. The Money Line is the payout offered on each team for the given handicap line - to a unit stake of one.

Bet 365 offer an extensive asian handicap market featuring matches from The Premiership, Championship, Serie A and more. Single and multiple bets are accepted. There is very little information on Asian Handicap betting though and beginners may want to look towards other bookmakers to get started.