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80 Ball bingo is another variation on the popular game. The game is played on a 4x4 bingo card and the object is to coverall the 16 numbers. The numbers are found in 4 lines coloured red, yellow, blue and white. When the caller shouts the number they'll also announce the colour. In some 80 ball bingo games you can win prizes for completing one line, two lines, three lines and of course the full house.

Our video above shows an 80 ball bingo game that was taking place at Tombola. We join the game after a line has been called and players are playing for the full house - there are no prizes for two and three lines in this game. As you can see it plays exactly like a 75 ball game (coverall) and a 90 ball game - there's just fewer balls and some nice colours. It's also a shutter board and you can close the shutters yourself - we advise just selecting "auto" - it's a lot less confusing!!

When we played (and took the video) we forgot to click auto on and as you can see we were closing shutters well after the numbers were called!

80 Ball Bingo isn't generally that popular at online bingo sites compared to 90 ball and perhaps even 75 ball - although Tombola do manage to pack the players in for their various bingo variations. If you like playing for bigger prizes then we do recommend playing Bingo 80 at Tombola. You can also play Bingo 80 at various Virtue Fusion bingo rooms, Sun Bingo and Heart Bingo.

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Cost: 25p - Players: 209 - Jackpot: 148.59

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