90 Ball Bingo - One Line, Two Lines, Full House

UK bingo players will be most familiar with the 90 ball version of the game. It includes the famous bingo calls such as Two Little Ducks, Kelly's Eye and Two Fat Ladies and is played up and down the country in bingo halls as well as online.

90 ball bingo cards consists of 27 spaces (3 x 9) with 15 spaces filled with numbers, 5 per line. Each column will only show selected numbers, For example column 1 will show numbers 1 to 10, column 2 will be for 11 to 20 whilst the last column will show 81 to 90.

In 90 ball bingo, players can choose to play single cards or more usually strips. In bingo halls the players will use daubers to mark off the numbers as they're called, but online it's all automated so you don't need to worry about missing a number.

The aim of the game is to cover all your numbers as they are called. To make the game more interesting prizes are usually awarded for the first person to cover one line and/or two lines before the full house is reached. The one line is usually the middle line, whilst the two lines game is usually played with the top and bottom lines. Some bingo rooms also offer a progressive jackpot to players who call bingo in a fixed number of calls.

90 ball bingo is played at all bingo sites listed here on Loquax and you can compare 90 ball games with our unique tool that shows you number of players, costs and jackpots alongside a Bingo Game Index.

Our 90 ball trackpot also shows you the highest jackpots (not progressives) currently on offer across a number of bingo rooms. This is a useful tool to finding the biggest cash prize games.

With the boom in online bingo, many operators and software developers have been looking to improve the 90 ball game. This has led to variations on the game such as Britain's Got Talent Bingo and Deal or No Deal Bingo. They are essentially the same 90 ball game but rebranded and with additions, such as a DOND end game for the player who's called bingo, tagged on.

Latest 90 Ball Bingo Games

Posh Bingo
The Spa

Cost: 3p - Players: 46 - Jackpot: 25.92

Wink Bingo
High 5

Cost: 5p - Players: 7 - Jackpot: 3.70

Sing Bingo
Karaoke Nights

Cost: 3p - Players: 46 - Jackpot: 25.92

Coral Bingo
Gold Rush

Cost: 25p - Players: 98 - Jackpot: 63.53

Costa Bingo
Costa Babes

Cost: 5p - Players: 20 - Jackpot: 7.35

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