The Best & Worst Bingo TV Adverts

Since bingo became big business online there's been a number of advertising campaigns launched to promote bingo via the TV. Some are quite good, some are terrible and some even get banned. We've rounded up the best of the best and the best of the worst TV bingo adverts and thought we'd add a few comments of our own. Let us know what you think of the bingo ads!

Latest Bingo Ads

Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo's latest TV advert sees them go back to their original Meccarena clip that debuted towards the end of 2017. Whilst the lady in the advert does her various dance moves, the graphics plus voice over explain the new BOB Bingo Rooms. Plus there's that 100% Money Back guarantee. So how does it all work?

How To Get 100% Cashback from BOB

To take advantage of this promotion you need to play in the BOB Rooms. Play 10 or more and if you don't win a game in BOB then you will get your cashback the following day. Qualifiers will receive a notification on how to claim their cashback the following day by 2pm.

Note that the cashback is paid as a credit. This can be either played or withdrawn. However, if the credit is not used then it will be cancelled after 7 days. We're unclear whether you can use the credit the following day to play BOB again and take advantage of another "get your money back guarantee".

Is It A Good Deal

Win At BOB Bingo Or Get Your Money Back
Gala Bingo

"Are You Playing Gala Bingo" is the big question that appears on the new advert that highlights the current Fly Away For 50K promotion. This is a follow on to the When Happy Happens angle that has dominated the brand's adverts for a couple of years. We wonder whether the "Are You Playing..." is a response to Sun Bingo's "Are You Gonna Bingo" campaign?

Bright Yellow Speedos

The Fly Away For 50K advert does contain the Galalala tune, albeit it's a little less dominant than in previous ads. In fact the Mariachi band doesn't strike up the tune until almost two thirds of the way through proceedings. Before that though there's a little interlude between a husband and his bingo playing wife.
Are You Playing Gala Bingo

Since we started our review of bingo adverts the number has increased dramatically. Therefore we have moved our full list to it's own section.

These are our opinions and we'll be regularly checking for updates, improvements or changes worth noting.

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