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Added on Friday 26th March 2010

ITV Bingo has returned and they've also got a brand new advert to help promote the site. The advert, below, features a lady watching TV in her home and running backwards and forwards to the bingo hall so that she can enjoy both. The advert suggests that there's an easier way to enjoy television and bingo... ITV Bingo.

The advert goes on to then say that if you love tv and love bingo then you'll love ITV Bingo. The ad soundtrack is a whistled tune which sadly we don't recognise, but it wouldn't be out of place on a Tombola advert!

It's an ok bingo TV advert and quite a clever way to suggest that you can enjoy watching your favourite shows like Emmerdale and Corrie whilst playing online bingo. The advert doesn't mention the 10 free play that's currently on offer (March 2010) which suggests that ITV will use this long term.

We'd have liked to have seen an advert showing ITV stars playing bingo, but that probably would have blown a large amount of the budget. Perhaps they can spend some of the cash from the sale of Friends Reunited on the next one?

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