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Added on Wednesday 10th November 2010

Redbus Bingo Offers: 250% Bonus

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Redbus Bingo has been around for a while and so has various versions of their TV advert. However, it's recently been updated to promote the new 2 free bingo offer (or 200 free bingo cards). So we thought it was about time to add it to our collection of TV bingo adverts.

The advert is fairly simple. A couple of ladies (what else, it's not like guys would want to play bingo) pull up behind a Red Bus and are then captivated by the advert on the bus. The advert then goes into a cartoon style with a bingo bus that invites you to hop on board. It's bright and colourful, has a pleasant tune and that's about it! A bit like Redbus Bingo itself.

It's a shame the advert doesn't give you more information such as their 1000 free bingo game and the 25,000 JoyPot game that will play on Christmas Day. We're not sure the advert really stands out in a Bingoheads or Foxy type way though.

However, here's an interesting fact for you. The advert was filmed in Cockfosters, Barnet. Mount Pleasant to be exact! And how do we know this? Well, right at the start there's a brief glimpse of Lippo Fish & Chips.

Amazing bingo fact of the week for you there!

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