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Added on Sunday 23rd January 2011

Yeehaw! There's a new bingo sheriff in town and it's called Rollover Bingo! Ok, there's not a new sheriff but there is a new TV bingo advert for Rollover Bingo - the site that offers bingo for fun and lotto for free. It's a cartoon based advert with a western feel and it matches the site in that respect.

The advert brings together lotto (the purple ball) and bingo (the pink ball). Lotto rolls into town on his horse and teams up with bingo at the Rollover Bingo bar. They then have a ho-down. Hooray.

The problem with this advert is that it says Rollover Bingo is the only bingo site where you get free lottery lines. That's not actually true at Bet365 Bingo and Tombola now do this!

However, it's a fun advert with a simple message. We like the western theme and the cartoon style. On the downside we wish that someone had stuck some eyes on the bingo balls. They look weird. Even Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc. had one eye! So come on Rollover Bingo, give your characters the ability of sight!

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