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Added on Tuesday 17th January 2012

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One of our favourite bingo adverts of recent years was the Bet365 Bingo Bingoheads one. It wasn't the dancers in shiny lycra and massive bingo balls for heads that made it, but the Everybody Dance Now soundtrack from C&C Music Factory. So when news of a new Bet365 Bingo advert reached us... we had high hopes.

The thing with high hopes is that they get dashed and this advert is a huge disappointment. Bet365 Bingo have gone for a gossip magazine themed advert with an over enthusiastic, and slightly condescending, voice over fawning over the content.

The bingoheads are still there, but out go their dance outfits and incomes clothes and hair. They're like a slightly posh bingo relation to The Peg Dolls that featured in Doctor Who Series Six. Sadly there's no Matt Smith on hand to sort this lot out with his sonic screwdriver.

Now, a gossip magazine theme we can handle, an annoying voice over is fine and possible Timelord enemies are OK but the biggest coup de grāce from Bet365 Bingo is that there's no C&C Music Factory. It's a travesty of epic proportions!!

Fortunately, Bet365 Bingo is infinitely better than it's current advert and with a £5 deposit you'll get £25 free and access to loads of great games. There just won't be any "Everybody Dance Now..."!

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