Feel Your Inner Winner

Added on Tuesday 23rd July 2013

Winner Bingo are the latest brand to try TV advertising and they've come up with something a little bit different to the norm. They're hoping people will feel their Inner Winner with a Harlem Shake inspired advert and the offer of 10 free no deposit bingo.

The Winner Bingo advert is set at a bus stop and features a lady of ample proportions getting down and doing some serious dance moves. The other folk at the bus stop look bemused by these antics but then they've not realised that the dancing lady has just hit a bingo at Winner via her mobile.

In her excitement, caused by feeling her Inner Winner, she does actually miss the bus. What we can takeaway from this is that obviously her fellow passengers obviously are too scared to let her know that it's arrived and in fact wish to get as far away from her as possible.

The music is very Harlem Shake inspired and we have a feeling that Winner will be hoping this ad sparks the many memes that that dance craze inspired. We think the music is exclusive to Winner - at least we were unable to Shazam the track and get a hook on it.

The ad is ok - but we'd have liked the other passengers to have got up and danced at the end - just to give it a more Harlem Shake feel. Hopefully Winner do try and encourage their players to video their own versions of 'Inner Winner' as ultimately that could be the key to how successful this campaign is. On it's own it's fine, but with a viral element then it could help get Winner a lot more attention.

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