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Added on Thursday 30th October 2014

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Last month Bet365 Bingo unveiled their brand new look and this month they've released a new TV advertising campaign. As we predicted the bingoheads are no more which is a massive shame as they really helped make the ads stand out from the crowd. It's even more of a shame when you watch what's been brought in to replace them.

The idea behind the advert is that it doesn't matter whether you play Bet365 Bingo on PC, tablet or mobile. Which ever device you choose to use you'll be part of the big bingo family that will enjoy a 1000 free bingo welcome offer, slots and plenty of other exciting games. Players are welcomed to the world of Bet365 Bingo and they even have their own hashtag #dropintowin.

With this advert Bet365 Bingo have opted to go for a middle of the road approach. That means we have the lady at the laptop and players at the bus stop. What is it with bingo adverts and bus stops? Surely the idea of playing bingo on mobile goes beyond targeting people waiting for a bus? On the plus side we do have a male bingo player in the mix.

Unlike the previous bingohead adverts we no longer have any cool music either. Instead we get a shrill voice over lady explaining the offers. Given the choice between her and C&C Music Factory it's Everybody Dance Now for us in spades. As far as we're concerned you can't go wrong with dancers in tight shiny suits and wearing large bingo balls on their heads.

We're unsure whether this advert has gone live across TV networks but at time of writing there were absolutely no tweets on a #dropintowin Twitter search. We'll be keeping an eye on it during November to see if there is any life in the tag. We're off to to have one last boogie to Everybody Dance Now in respect of the demise of an online bingo icon.

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