Mr Winner Strips For Winner Bingo Winners

Added on Monday 29th December 2014

Just when you think that bingo adverts couldn't get any weirder along comes Mr Winner and Vicky! This campaign is the latest offering from Winner Bingo who have opted to ditched their bust stop dancing lady for something quite surreal. He's called Mr Winner and he's desperate to take his clothes off!

The advert starts with Mr Winner, who looks uncannily like Robbie Savage but with a beard and an air of hippy academic, striding on to a old style US Sitcom style set. For some reason there's a talking owl called Vicky although Mr Winner calls her Vincent to maintain the US sitcom illusion by offering us a laugh a minute! There's also a lady with a laptop sat on an armchair!

Anyway "Robbie" (as we're going to call him from now on) proceeds to tell us that Winner Bingo has so many winners but somehow he's still got all his clothes on. Vicky notes that clothing will be lost when someone wins, so it's perhaps no surprise that the lady with the laptop starts to win. This results in "Robbie" ripping off his top and trousers to reveal a quite disturbing pair of gold pants. A Mini-Me version of Goldmember perhaps?

It's all very tongue in cheek and we suspect that this could be the start of a mini-series involving Mr Winner and Vicky, all with hilarious consquences. We're not sure if the lady with the laptop will make the next episode (if there is one) as we're fairly sure Mr Winner's clothes don't just come off for one person alone.

We don't really know what to make of the advert! Mr Winner is a bit strange and a bit creepy to be fair. If some bearded geezer walked into my house and announced they were removing their clothes when there's a bingo win - I'd stop playing and call the police. Vicky the talking owl just adds another layer of surrealism to the whole affair. Whilst the lady with the laptop just has strange taste in men! Simple as that!

The best summary we can offer is that we would like to see more before lavishing praise or launching a scathing attack on Mr Winner. As a one off ad it's OK but not overly memorable. However, as a series of sitcom style ads then it could be the "Gold Blend" of the bingo advert world (or not).

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