Winners Win With Winners Bingo

Added on Thursday 16th April 2015

Back in December, Winner Bingo introduced us to Mr Winner. A strange looking bearded chap who has brought some quirkiness to the advertising world. In his first outing he was keen to whip off his clothes but what next for this strange character? Well he's back with Vicky The Owl and he's got a very special offer.

This Winner Bingo advert features the same house as the original - so it has that 70s style sitcom feel to it - minus the canned laughter. Mr Winner (aka Sanderson Jones) enters the stage and says "Hey Rickie" to the owl, who's called Vicky. Mr Winner looks a little flustered, which is deliberate or it's a case of "not another take doing this". Either way it adds to the sitcom feel.

Mr Winner praises his owl friend for putting together a new offer for Winner Bingo. That offer is still available and it means new players who deposit 10 will receive a 500% welcome bonus - so they'll have 60 to play. Wagering terms and conditions will apply. However Mr Winner has a better idea - free winner bagels!

This results in "our hero" being covered in bagels. All this merriment ends inevitably with Mr Winner in his pants, wearing fruit on his head in the style of Carmen Miranda and playing the bongos. And you thought a twerking cactus was odd!

We quite like this off the wallness that's been created by Winner Bingo. It's definitely a lot different to the dancing Foxes or singing players you see with other brands. Hopefully there will be further ads in the series as the sitcom setting works well - we just think that perhaps Mr Winner should keep his clothes on for the next one.

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