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Added on Thursday 24th November 2016

Jackpotjoy Offers: 250% Bonus

Wagering terms and conditions will apply

Jackpotjoy have released a couple of new TV adverts featuring Barbara Windsor as The Queen Of Bingo. These ads are different to the site's usual fair and feature Babs in a TV newsreader or TV weather person role. The Newsreader ad is shown belown. How we long for the days of the racing pensioners on their mobility scooters!

In this advert The Queen Of Bingo delivers us some breaking news. Babs tells us that new players can get their hands on 25 free play when you join Jackpotjoy today. She goes on to tell us that there have been thousands of winners - some of which appear in the top right of the clip.

We're a little surprised to see Jackpotjoy advertise "25 free play". Our understanding of the ever increasing clamping down on gambling advertising is that this should be highlighted as a 25 bonus. The 25 is only payable after an initial deposit and wagering terms apply. Admittedly these terms are indicated in the small print on the ad, but we do wonder if ASA will pick up on the "free play" mention?

As mentioned at the start we long for the days of the racing pensioners. It seems that bingo ads have become too safe - perhaps in relation to ASA's clamping down. It could also be due to tighter budget costs or maybe it's because operators have discovered that dancing cactus just don't bring in the punters. We suspect a bit of all three!

A little controversially we also think that perhaps it's time for Jackpotjoy to consider a new Queen or King of Bingo. Barbara Windsor has done a fantastic job but we'd like to see a change. Perhaps she could re-generate like Doctor Who and give Jackpotjoy a fun series of ads that tell a story? Players could even vote on who they would like to see succeed Babs on the Jackpotjoy throne?

It'll probably not happen, but anything has to be better than watching The Queen Of Bingo doing a newscast or weather report. Come on JPJ let's bring some fun back to your ads!

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