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What The Fox With Heather Graham

Added on Thursday 9th March 2017

The brand new Foxy Bingo advert will be shown on the 9th March at 8.15pm during the Emmerdale ad break. However, everyone already knows that Heather Graham is the actress under the Foxy suit so that has resulted in a taster clip getting an early release. The ad starts in typical Foxy style - with a bit of dancing - but then it takes a turn for the weird.

Once "cut" is called to end the sequence we see Foxy walking off and Heather saying "I can do Foxy's voice". She goes on to say she's had a few ideas about his character. Heather asks if she can add more pathos to the Foxy character much to the disdain of the director. At this point we see Heather for the first time as she removes the Foxy mask.

Heather suggests that behind the Foxy smile he's enduring a great emotional trauma - like removing all his affiliates perhaps. She goes on to question whether there's an identity crisis - is he a man, or is he a fox and it's so confusing. The last we hear is Heather thinking Foxy maybe a sociopath!

Worthy of note is that the advert promotes Foxy's Million Squid giveaway - a daily login game that runs until May - and we also get to see the new look logo. However both are downplayed as Heather Graham is the star of the piece. We guess when you've spent 10million then you do want your A-Lister front and centre.

The advert itself is OK but the "joke" is going to wear thin very fast. Most certainly there's less charisma from Heather Graham as Foxy compared to Barbara Windsor as The Queen Of Bingo. In our view it also seems odd that the star of the site - Foxy - is now second fiddle to a Hollywood actress.

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