Bingo Caller

Bingo Callers at clubs such as Mecca and Buzz have all the tech wizardry they need to ensure that games run smoothly. But what about when you need to become a bingo caller? Perhaps you've been asked to host a charity bingo game or you're helping out at your social club and want to get that "authentic feel". The good news is that there's help at hand to get you through the games!

The simplest way to be a bingo caller is with a traditional basket of balls and a sheet of paper with number calls on. Our list of bingo calls can easily be printed off and used as a reference guide. Our advice would be to print off a few copies (one for each game and some spares) so that you cross off the calls you've done. Don't forget to encourage the players to join in with whistles and quacks on numbers like Legs Eleven and Two Little Ducks.

Bingo Caller Machine

If you're not too keen on the bingo caller experience then you could always go hi-tech. The Bingo Caller Machine app is a useful tool that can be downloaded to work on mobile, tablet or PC. You can then hook this up to a TV and instantly create a bingo club atmposphere. Download the app and use it on Apple, Android or Kindle. The Android version is free but you need to pay 2.99 for the Apple version. Do give it a road test before you implement it on a real game though - just so that you can understand the various buttons and options. The Bingo Machine App offers number calls for 60, 75 and 90 ball games.

In addition to the Bingo Caller Machine there are are other apps and web tools that are available for bingo callers. We've not tried the apps but the ones we've found hadn't been updated for sometime. The web tools are useful but you will need to be connected to the internet to use them.

Bingo Caller Jobs

If you'd much rather be paid to work in bingo then check out Buzz Bingo Jobs and Rank Careers for their latest vacancies. The role of bingo caller doesn't come up that often. However according to a recent Buzz advert you'll need to be "comfortable with being on stage, running the show - but also be very happy working as part of a team.".

Being a bingo caller requires a lot of confidence, personality and good communication. It's more than just reading out numbers and phrases! To find out more about the role of a bingo caller - including the pros and cons - then check out this interview from a few years back in The Independent.

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