Byworth Bingo Sites

Bingo Entertainment was a new network of bingo sites that launched in 2010 with Gina Bingo. They added other sites such as Ritzy Bingo and Bingo Beez. Games on the site were licensed to Bingo Entertainment by Byworth Entertainment Ltd and the sites operated by Plex Gaming Ltd, licensed in Malta.

Gina Bingo

Although new to the UK market, Bingo Entertainment have been involved with online bingo for a number of years. According to the Gina Bingo website they are "one of the best-known names in the gambling industry and has a staff of over 60 people in the UK, US, Australia, Cyprus and Bulgaria".

Whilst we anticipated that this fledgling network would rise like Cozy Games, it quickly hit the buffers when it dropped affiliate partners from selected brands without any notice. The sites have hardly changed since 2010 and in July 2013 we took the decision to reduce our promotions of Gina Bingo and Ritzy Bingo, the last two sites on this network, from Loquax. Although many players were visiting for the free 10 offers few were sticking around to play the games.

Empire Bingo

In January 2017 all active Byworth Brands including Gina, Glamour, Bingo Mega, Yes Bingo, Ritzy and Bingo Blowout closed their doors to UK players. UK visitors to those sites are now redirected to Empire Bingo which is owned by the same company, but the bingo software is managed by the 15 Network.