Charity Bingo Sites

We all love to do our bit for charity (mate) and some bingo brands like to help out and do their bit too. By playing at selected sites you can play bingo as usual, but donations will be made to a chosen charity. Some brands such as Pink Ribbon and Give Back Bingo are run solely to support good causes. Others like Gala and Mecca for example have a chosen charity and will support it through various games. Note that playing in these games doesn't effect the price you pay or the jackpots on offer - donations are made from profits.

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The Carers UK Room is open at Foxy every night from 6.15pm to 10.45pm. Tickets cost 10p each and 100% of all proceeds will be donated. Two games will play every hour - 10 games per day in total.

Play Bingo Millions 80 and 90 ball games at Buzz every Sat, Sun, Weds and Thurs. 10% of ticket sales are donated to charitable organisations.

Gala Bingo players have been helping charity, raising money through 52 Lives Bingo games. They play Everyday at 7.30pm plus there are extra games every Sunday at 9pm, 10pm and 11pm.

Mecca are supporting The Carers Trust through charity games being played online and in clubs. In 2018 they raised over 300,000 for this good cause. Games play every Sunday from 8.30am to 8.30pm

Details correct at time of publication.

Supporting Good Causes

Interestingly since we first created this section there's been a number of changes on the charity bingo scene. Tickety Boo Games which supported Marie Curie Cancer Care closed down. This was a huge surprise because it was expected to follow in the footsteps of Pink Ribbon Bingo. Both brands used the Dragonfish platform, but sadly for Tickety Boo it was just a case of Tickety Bye. Pink Ribbon still operates although it's unclear whether they're still making donations out of their profits.

A similar picture can be painted for Bingo Giving. Their aim, a bit like Give Back Bingo, was to select a good cause each month and make a donation. Whilst this site may be the home of Charlie The Charity Chimp (previously Gus The Gorilla), it does seem that Charlie may have forgotten about his charitable causes. A new charity is chosen each month but Aaron?s Battle has been the chosen charity since at least February 2019 and remains as of June 2019.

Jumpman Bingo Charity Sites

Sailing a similar boat to Bingo Giving is Charity Bingo, a Jumpman Bingo powered brand. Charity Bingo aimed to pick a good cause each month and support it through it's players activity. This site started off with good intentions but has since changed hands and doesn't seem to be updating with regards it's charitable activities.

The jewel in the Jumpman Charity Bingo crown was Tidy Bingo. They reguarly held special games to raise funds that then were donated to Help For Heroes. Nikki and David went to great lengths to ensure transparency of these games - and made sure that their players knew exactly how much money was being donated. Sadly these ended in August 2016 when the site changed hands - and eventually closed down.

Why Play Charity Bingo Games

Whilst we admire sites that help raise funds for charity, we are sceptical about how players actually perceive them. In other words if Site A and Site B are on the same network and offer exactly the same experience then we're not sure if a player is more or less likely to choose A over B simply because A supports good causes and B doesn't. If players were swayed by charity then sites like Pink Ribbon and Give Back would receive better coverage than their competitors.

We do feel that players are more likely to play specific games within a site like Mecca, Foxy or Wink rather than choose a site such as Pink Ribbon. A big brand can easily accommodate charity games within their schedules, still offer regular promotions and offer much needed transparency. We may be wrong so we'd be happy to hear your views on charity bingo sites and games.

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