Closed Bingo Sites

For every site that opens, a number will sadly close. This may be due to the software platform not taking off, lack of interest from players or just a change of direction. Rather than remove the content from Loquax or send you through dead links we've instead created this page to explain - and offer recommended alternatives from selected networks.

For each of the main networks we've selected a site that we think will be a good alternative.

What Happens When A Site Closes?

Site closures are pretty rare but in most cases players are notified beforehand and given information about moving their accounts and/or withdrawing any funds. For example when Wonder Bingo closed it's doors the accounts of players were passed over to Bingo Palace, an alternative brand on the network (this was after Wonder had changed from their independent set up).

Should I Worry About My Money?

As most mainstream brands are part of a bigger bingo network your money and account should be reasonably safe. For example a brand on Dragonfish may close but the accounts may be transferred to an alternative on the same network. The main concerns would be at independents, but then sites like Tombola are so big these days that we'd be very surprised to see them close. Newer independents though may be at risk so our advice is be cautious.

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