Closed Bingo Sites

A few years back you couldn't go a single month without dozens of new bingo brands opening their doors. However since 2017 times have changed considerably for online bingo. The market has become saturated, taxes have increased and the industry is in the grip of more and more compliance.

Unfortunately this means that some bingo sites will close down. In general these tend to be smaller sites that have launched on white-label platforms like Jumpman, Dragonfish and Cozy Games. However big brands are not immune from closure as ITV, Think and Bingo Scotland have all shut their doors. This section will endeavour to keep you up to date with the latest bingo site closures.

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Aztec Bingo

Aztec Bingo To Close In December

Posted: 31st October 2019
2019 has been the year of the bingo site closure. We've lost a lot of brands on Cozy Games and a handful on Dragonfish. Thankfully these closures have slowed down and we'd be surprised to see much more change as the year ebbs out. However s....


Umbingo Closes After Just Six Months

Posted: 5th September 2019
Usually at this time of the month we're reeling off a list of closures on the Cozy Games platform. Surprisingly that's not the case at least so far. This means that the likes of Carbook, Vampire, Gravy Train, Lucky Puppy and LMAO all live t....

William Hill

Lucky7 Racing Game Closes At William Hill

Posted: 4th September 2019
Free to play prediction games such as Soccer Saturday Super Six have increased in popularity amongst bookmakers. Grosvenor Goals, Correct4 from Coral and 4 To Score from Betway all compete to attract players to eventually bet on the weekend....

001 Bingo

001 Bingo Has Closed

Posted: 1st September 2019
Most established bingo operators would like to think their number one, but it takes a bunch of sizeable bingo balls for a new brand to make that claim. The recently launched 001 Bingo are such a brand - and as well as being numero uno, they....

Sailor Bingo

Sailor Bingo Sets Sail For Real Money Network

Posted: 14th August 2019
A new month means another round-up of closures on the rapidly diminishing Cozy Games platform. Last month we told you that Landmark, the first brand on the Live Bingo Network, was to close down. This left just a handful of brands operating ....

Landmark Bingo

Landmark Bingo To Close In August

Posted: 17th July 2019
Over the last seven months we've seen a large number of Cozy Games bingo sites close their doors. Our own Snappy Bingo, Gone, Harrys and Champers have been amongst the numerous closures. Until recently any closed site was redirecting player....

Epic Bingo

Cozy Games Closes Over 30 Sites

Posted: 5th July 2019
Up until April we kept you updated about closures occurring on the Cozy Games platform. These closures included brands such as Gone, Harrys and even our own Snappy. Whilst we anticipated more sites to shut their doors when May arrived it se....

Harrys Bingo

Harrys Bingo Gives Up The Ghost

Posted: 26th April 2019
The destruction of the former Cozy Games network continues with even more closures. We believe 14 different sites have already closed their doors during April but these have been joined by a further 4 including Harrys Bingo. Harrys, like it....

Gone Bingo

Gone Bingo Is Now Just Gone

Posted: 17th April 2019
The reduction of brands using the old Cozy Games platform - now ElectraWorks - continues. Earlier in the month we told you about the demise of Snappy, Think and Comfy amongst others. We knew that there would be more to follow but didn't ant....

Snappy Bingo

Think Bingo Closes It's Doors After 15 Years

Posted: 9th April 2019
As is the norm these days, we can't get through a month without reporting on bingo site closures. Trying to keep track of what's open and closed isn't the easiest of tasks, especially when it comes to Cozy Games - now ElectraWorks. What we ....

What To Do If Your Bingo Site Closes

If you are a member of a bingo site that is due to close then you should receive advance notification. You will usually be advised to play through any bonuses and funds - or withdraw your cash account. This should be completed before the site closes down. Note that any bonuses not played will not be withdrawable and therefore lost.

If you miss the deadline then usually an email address will be provided so that you can contact the operator. They should be able to assist in sorting out any unwithdrawn cash funds. In a few cases, a bingo brand may move your account to a new site. They will provide you with details so that you can access your account.

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