The Loquax Bingo Games Index

Choosing which bingo site or even bingo room to play in can be a difficult decision. Do you choose a busy site? Cheap bingo games? High jackpots? We decided to use the data we have available to determine the best value bingo games based on number of players in a room, the cost of bingo cards and the amount of money on offer for a full house.

By looking at player numbers, prize pot for a full house and card cost we have introduced a Bingo Games Index (BGI) to rank current bingo games and rooms. Our data updates throughout the day and gives you a unique opportunity to determine where to spend your bingo money.

Best Value Bingo Rooms - Pay

Wink Bingo


Jackpot: 11.57 Players: 22 Cost: 1p
Rating: 52.59

888 Ladies

Nutty Ninety

Jackpot: 22.60 Players: 47 Cost: 1p
Rating: 48.09

Wink Bingo


Jackpot: 22.60 Players: 47 Cost: 1p
Rating: 48.09

Posh Bingo

The Spa

Jackpot: 8.57 Players: 21 Cost: 1p
Rating: 40.81

Tasty Bingo

Zesty Lemon

Jackpot: 7.13 Players: 18 Cost: 1p
Rating: 39.61

Best Value Free Bingo Rooms

Free bingo needs to be treated slightly differently as there's no cost involved to the player - at least not for the bingo cards. Therefore we have the Free Bingo Game Index (FBGI).

Fancy Bingo

Welcome to Wonderland

Jackpot: 15.00 Players: 29 Cost: 0p
Rating: 0.52

Sing Bingo

Make Your Debut

Jackpot: 15.00 Players: 29 Cost: 0p
Rating: 0.52

Costa Bingo

First Time Freebie

Jackpot: 15.00 Players: 29 Cost: 0p
Rating: 0.52

Costa Bingo


Jackpot: 25.00 Players: 176 Cost: 0p
Rating: 0.14

Fancy Bingo

Fancy Free

Jackpot: 25.00 Players: 557 Cost: 0p
Rating: 0.04

However, with so many prices, including free bingo, as well as bingo variations we've taken the data a step further and provided analysis across the bingo spectrum: Top Bingo - Pay to Play, Top Free Bingo Games, 90 Ball Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo, Other Bingo Games, 1p Games, 2p Games, 5p Games, 10p Games, 25p Games, 50p & 1 Games


As ever with data analysis there are considerations to include.

1. We're limited to the data provided to us by bingo rooms, therefore some sites are not included.
2. The number of bingo cards in play is not available.
3. BGI currently doesn't include the potential for a progressive jackpot win.
4. Rooms with less than 5 players are excluded as we found they were updating.

The Ideal Best Value Bingo Game

The ideal bingo game is where the BGI value is as close to 1 as possible. This is because the amount of money in the pot equates closely to the number of players and the value of the bingo cards. If 10 players all buy one card at 1 and the pot is 10, it's easy to understand that the chances of winning are 1/10. If the pot is 20, but cards are 1 and we still have players the odds of winning are now 1/20. It's more lucrative though and may be more tempting.

Of course "ideal games" are few and far between. So with that in mind we think players need to look for the bingo games that offer the best price and for the best jackpot. The number of players is also taken into account, but remember any one of those players could be maxing out. However it's still possible for your one card, two cards, or maxed out cards to win bingo.

We hope our BGI data provides a bit of interest in an otherwise repetitive online bingo world. We will be looking at ways to improve the results over the coming months and hopefully including more rooms and sites to help you take an alternative look at your favourite sites.

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