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10p bingo games used to be the cheapest on offer, but times have changed and 1p, 2p and 5p games are much more prevalent. However, if you like to spend a bit more it's always worth comparing the games that are on offer and you can do that with our BGI. When deciding where to play it's well worth comparing the number of players and the prize money on offer.

Top Rated Games


Bingo 90 Harlequin Club

Jackpot: 137.44 Players: 174 Cost: 10p
Rating: 7.9

Costa Bingo

Palmtree Paradise

Jackpot: 7.89 Players: 10 Cost: 10p
Rating: 7.89


Bingo 90 Spectrum Club

Jackpot: 115.19 Players: 148 Cost: 10p
Rating: 7.78


Bingo 90 Kaleidoscope Club

Jackpot: 116.02 Players: 150 Cost: 10p
Rating: 7.73


Bingo 90 Mosaic Club

Jackpot: 111.72 Players: 156 Cost: 10p
Rating: 7.16


Bingo 90 Rainbow Club

Jackpot: 363.82 Players: 525 Cost: 10p
Rating: 6.93

Costa Bingo

Bucket & Spade

Jackpot: 3.83 Players: 8 Cost: 10p
Rating: 4.79

Sing Bingo

Karaoke Nights

Jackpot: 3.83 Players: 8 Cost: 10p
Rating: 4.79


Cinco Cannes

Jackpot: 6.77 Players: 17 Cost: 10p
Rating: 3.98


Cinco Cairo

Jackpot: 9.14 Players: 23 Cost: 10p
Rating: 3.97

Data is updated every 10 minutes!

One element our data doesn't show is the number of bingo cards in play but here's some useful guidelines. If the prize pot is a round number (e.g. 10, 25, 50) the prize is fixed, this makes guessing how many cards are in play difficult.

However, if the prize on offer appears random you can start to guess. If 10 players buy 1 bingo card each for just 1p - that means there's only 10p to be shared between the prize and bingo site. So, if you see low numbers of players versus high pots it could suggest those playing are holding lots of cheap bingo cards.

This then is the dilemma for bargain bingo players. Do you play 1p games (for example 10 cards per game) or do you try 2p games (5 cards), 5p games (2 cards) or 10p games (1 card)? Our BGI can guide you to a point by highlighting those games we think are worth investigating, however if progressive jackpots are your thing then you're going to need our trackpots.

Data is given on an as is basis and information is given as a snapshot of events.

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