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25p doesn't even buy you a stamp these days but it does buy you a bingo card at a number of slightly more expensive bingo rooms. 25p bingo cards, a bit like SMS text competitions, is often regarded as the limit for many bingo players and with cheaper games on offer who can blame them? Of course if you're buying 5 x 5p cards you could perhaps use that for 1 x 25p game - but is it better value for money?

Top Rated Games


Bingo Roulette Venetian

Jackpot: 34.79 Players: 43 Cost: 25p
Rating: 3.24


Bingo 80 Bingo 80 Room

Jackpot: 97.26 Players: 134 Cost: 25p
Rating: 2.9


Bingo 50 Apple

Jackpot: 29.50 Players: 70 Cost: 25p
Rating: 1.69

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What are the odds of winning bingo? And can you shorten those orders with our BGI data? The odds of your bingo card winning is simply 1 in the number of bingo cards sold. Our data can't improve those odds for you, but it can show you rooms where there's a good cash prize for the number of players participating. The less players and the more money usually means the number of bingo cards in play per player is high.

The problem for bingo players happy to spend 25p or more per card per games is will they get better value buying 12 cards on a 2p games or even five cards on a 5p game. One factor we've not included is the fun factor. If you're happy within your limits enjoying the games you choose to participate in then that's priceless!

Data is given on an as is basis and information is given as a snapshot of events.

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