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We were quite surprised to see a number of 5p games in the top 20 sites for our Bingo Games Index but it does seem that, on paper at least, they do represent good value compared to some 1p games and 2p games. Our table below shows the current best 5p bingo rooms based on BGI.

Top Rated Games

Wink Bingo

High 5

Jackpot: 3.45 Players: 6 Cost: 5p
Rating: 11.5

Bingo Hollywood


Jackpot: 10.11 Players: 19 Cost: 5p
Rating: 10.64

Loquax Bingo

Bingo Buddies

Jackpot: 3.65 Players: 8 Cost: 5p
Rating: 9.13

Fancy Bingo

Man Alive

Jackpot: 6.27 Players: 15 Cost: 5p
Rating: 8.36

Fancy Bingo


Jackpot: 24.17 Players: 60 Cost: 5p
Rating: 8.06

Bingo Hollywood

Fun?in 90

Jackpot: 12.57 Players: 33 Cost: 5p
Rating: 7.62

Posh Bingo

The Spa

Jackpot: 14.00 Players: 38 Cost: 5p
Rating: 7.37

Costa Bingo

Costa Kiss

Jackpot: 2.21 Players: 6 Cost: 5p
Rating: 7.37

Tasty Bingo

Pick & Mix

Jackpot: 14.70 Players: 40 Cost: 5p
Rating: 7.35

Sing Bingo

Karaoke Nights

Jackpot: 15.30 Players: 42 Cost: 5p
Rating: 7.29

Data is updated every 10 minutes!

However, one important part to note with the 5p games is that the prize pot is always much greater than if all the players were only playing one bingo card each. In fact it seems that the pot is close to the number of players, and that suggests to us that 5p game players are playing 1 a game (20 cards at 5p). Assuming that's correct if you buy one card in a room with 20 players who all have 20 cards each you're essentially playing against 400 bingo cards.

Of course it's not impossible for your one 5p card to win and even if you buy 20 cards the odds of each individual card winning remains almost the same. However, remember there are usually less players in these rooms compared to 1p and 2p games. More players often mean more cards in play, and the more cards in play the less your chances of having a winning bingo card.

Data is given on an as is basis and information is given as a snapshot of events.

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