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Perhaps unsurprisingly bingo games that cost 50p and 1 to play don't feature so much on the top sites using our Bingo Games Index. If you think 1 bingo card at 1 is 100 cards at 1p, which perhaps can be spread over numerous games it's understandable why the expensive (or high roller rooms as we've called them) don't attract too many players. However, if you do like to splash the cash you still want value for money and our BGI has been applied to some of the current high price bingo games.

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Bingo Roulette Bellagio

Jackpot: 82.65 Players: 51 Cost: 50p
Rating: 3.24

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One thing that's noticeable with our BGI analysis is that it's rarely that high for these games. The cost is obviously the main factor, but should you ignore them? Well for the 5p games we've noticed that players tend to buy more than one card per game (based on pot size). On more expensive games that's not as evident, suggesting players only buy one or two cards per game.

The question you need to ask yourself is buying 10 cards on a 5p games better value for you than buying 1 card on a 50p game? Of course to maximise your bingo fun you may prefer to buy 1 5p card per game for 10 games. The choice is yours, but we hope that our BGI analysis and looking at the numbers raises some questions for you.

If you are tempted by expensive bingo games then it's well worth remembering that a high pot with few players means that there's multiple cards per player in play.

Data is given on an as is basis and information is given as a snapshot of events.

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