Bingo Hangman

Bingo Hangman, or Bingoman for short, is just a fun free game Loquax has put together. The aim of the game, as in normal Hangman, is to guess the missing word or words. Get a letter right and you'll mark off a square on your bingo card. Get it wrong and instead of "hanging" you pass the advantage to your opponent and they'll mark off a number.

All the words have a bingo theme by the way. At the end of each game you'll be offered a few real bingo promotions to enjoy!

It's Eyes Down To Play Bingoman!

You need 8 to win, whilst Loquax requires 10!

Bingo Hangman
Your Bingo Card
7 guesses used

Loquax's Bingo Card
5 guesses used

? ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? ? / ? ? ? ?

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Bingo Hangman is a free bingo game based on the hangman theme. You don't win anything other than the satisfaction of guessing the word before Loquax gets the bingo. Please note that the game is aimed at players who enjoy playing bingo.