How To Play Online Bingo

Bingo is not a difficult game to play - and with practice you can daub away your numbers with the best of them! Online it can even all be done for you! Here's a mini guide to getting started with playing bingo online.

Playing bingo online is very easy. Despite the different kinds of bingo you can play, the basics of the game are roughly the same. Whether you choose to play at Jackpotjoy, Tombola, Foxy Bingo, Wink or even Loquax Bingo you'll find roughly the same kind of set up and format.

Basics Of Online Bingo

The object of Bingo is to match all the numbers in a special pattern which will be shown on the screen for each game. Random numbers are called out one at a time and are then highlighted on the screen. If you complete the pattern you've got BINGO and will win a prize! This instructional video care of BingoCams introduces some bingo basics which for the most part applies across most bingo sites.

Don't worry about playing lots of bingo cards! Most sites have an "auto daub" feature - this feature will automatically watch and mark all of your cards for you, which is convenient if you are playing many cards at the same time.

Auto Daub

However, if you would like to take a more pro-active approach, you can turn the "auto daub" off and manually mark your card by moving your mouse over the numbers. Don't worry if you accidentally miss a number; all of your prizes will be awarded whether you have daubed your cards or not.

So, just sit back and let your computer do the work while you watch, chat, or play the mini games. You can even buy cards and switch off your computer, because many bingo sites allow you to pre-buy cards in advance. To add to the excitement of bingo, you'll also have a chance to win progressive jackpots! But what are these pre-buy cards, chat, mini games and jackpots we're talking about? Well we'll come to those shortly.

Getting Started With Bingo

  • Select a bingo site that you wish to join.
  • Register as a new player.
  • Fund your account! You may have a no deposit bonus or you might have to deposit.
  • Choose a bingo room to enter.
  • Purchase your bingo cards.
  • Watch and see if you're a winner - don't forget to chat to the other roomies!
  • Congratulate the winners!

Online bingo starts to get a little more complicated when you start to discover the many different features that are on offer. The game has variations in the form of the standard 90 ball and 75 bingo. There's also 30, 50 and 80 ball games plus bingo based around playing cards, roulette and Monopoly!

Plus there's a whole host of other features on most standard bingo sites!