Ignite Bingo Sites

Ignite Bingo (previously Jet Media) which is currently owned by Mandalay Media Ltd have pushed the boundaries of online bingo with the introduction of their flagship brand Costa Bingo and their "free bingo for real cash" onslaught. This success has brought about new independent bingo rooms, namely City Bingo, Sing Bingo and Fancy Bingo.

In 2014 the company significantly added to their network with the addition of Wish, Angry and Treasure amongst others. This has resulted in a more linked up focus between the brands with most running a 10K Free Friday game and prize promos.

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Additional Network Sites

Dino Bingo Rio Bingo Angry Bingo Monkey Bingo Giant Bingo Sparkly Bingo Frozen Bingo Farmyard Bingo Crocodile Bingo Rewind Bingo 

About The Network

For a short time Ignite Bingo did venture into the world of independent software platforms and launched Xbingo. This has since become Bgo.com and is owned by Bgo Entertainment.

The Costa stable of sites offer players lots of free games and no deposit bonuses. Unlike some networks you are free to join them all.