Independent Bingo Sites

Although many bingo brands may be seen as independent, many reply on the generic Dragonfish, Virtue Fusion and Jumpman options that are available. The likes of Gala, Wink and Foxy may have exclusive rooms but they will share rooms with many others. When we refer to an independent bingo site we refer to the bingo software that they're using to power their bingo rooms.

Sites like Tombola and MrQ have developed their proprietary platforms. They don't share these rooms with other brands so when you login and play you're only playing against roomies on that platform. Tombola's platform is so proprietary that their Arcade offering that includes slots and instants are all their own too. MrQ's bingo rooms are their own but offer slots from different providers.

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Developing bingo software is an expensive business which may explain why the above list is limited. Having proprietary software doesn't equate to success - you still need to get players to get on board. MrQ launched in 2018 to disrupt the industry with it's new platform. It's an impressive set up but the rooms still remain relatively quiet. Long term MrQ will be hoping to emulate Tombola, one of the UK's biggest bingo sites.

Others have tried but failed. for example tried to 'go it alone' but quickly came unstuck whilst Wonder Bingo found that the transition from social to real bingo room wasn't fruitful. A similar fate was met by Bingo Godz. launched Slingo Boom - a multi player version of the popular Slingo game - but that has since closed down too.

Slot developers Pragmatic Play and Yggdrasil have been working on independent bingo products but the former has inserted into Nektan Casinos rather than go standalone. However we think it very unlikely that any new site will be able to establish themselves as well as Tombola.