Mobile Bingo - Play Bingo On Phone Or Tablet

For several years now we've been told "this year mobile bingo will take off". Despite a number of false dawns this hasn't been the case. However, as smartphone technology has improved the days of mainstream mobile bingo may well be getting nearer. A number of sites have already started to plan for the mobile bingo explosion (if it happens) by developing games, apps and their sites to accommodate he mobile gaming space.

Mecca Bingo have made huge strides in the mobile area. They've even launched an iPhone App and Android App for their bingo games. The best thing about the app is that it's not standalone. When you login you're playing the same games as people playing via their PCs and Laptops. Previous attempts at mobile bingo, for example Foxy did a version a few years back, always limited players to their own games. With not many people playing they never took off. We're impressed with the Mecca Bingo iPhone App and you can read our review.

Although you'll find a number of bingo themed apps in the iTunes Store there's only the Mecca Bingo one that's associated with an online brand. If you like free games then Skill Bingo have an app that can be downloaded for free.

Avoiding all the fun of apps is Gone Bingo. They've created a mobile version of their bingo and games site that's set up straight away to play on your phone. Just follow the link and you'll have 80 ball and 90 ball bingo, scratchcards and casino games.

The biggest problem for mobile bingo is the lack of flash support on iPhones and iPads. By using apps that can be circumvented (as demonstrated by Mecca Bingo), but that takes time and no doubt costs a few pounds too. Bingo sites need to know if their players want mobile gaming before investing heavily in it.

The new tablets and smartphones that do offer flash could be the catalyst for more operators looking to get their games into the palm of your hand. We'll keep an eye out on whether this year really will be the year of mobile bingo.

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