Tombola Bingo App Review

Posted by Loquax on Wednesday 2nd August 2017

In many ways apps have become a little bit redundant now that the vast majority of bingo sites are mobile and tablet friendly. However mobile browsers aren't always the easiest entities to navigate and so apps do offer a more user friendly journey. They've also come on leaps and bounds as players can now fully immerse themselves in the bingo experience.

To encourage you to take a look at their app, Tombola have put together a simple video showing their many features. We're not quite sure whether this has been produced as a TV advert or just to provide info, but we're inclined towards the former given that it's just 30 seconds long.

However in that 30 seconds it's easy enough to see just how detailed the Tombola app actually is! You can access all the main games including Cinco, Bingo Roulette and Pulse. Tickets can be purchased and you can even chat with your fellow roomies. It's the Tombola experience but in mobile form.

What we especially like about the Tombola App is that you can also play the free 30,000 Stars game. This is very useful as we quite often forget to login to the main site for our daily free go. By having access via mobile or tablet it means we don't forget as much. Remember that no deposit is needed to play Stars - you just need to register and leave your mobile number!

Another good feature of this bingo app is that you can see all the latest news and promotions. A lot of other brands forget to include this on their mobile sites and their apps so the only way to know about special promotions or offers is to visit the desktop site. Tombola have clearly thought about their players when putting their app together.

Perhaps the only negative point is that you need to download a second app if you play at Tombola Arcade! Both apps are available for iPhone and Android mobiles plus we understand that Tombola will be one of the first gambling brands to launch on the Google Store now that rules have been changed.

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