We Can't Send You To Foxy Bingo

Over the past 10 years or so, Loquax has had a relationship with Foxy Bingo. We've promoted the brand to our users, featured their offers and given them plenty of coverage across our site.

However due to actions - taken on the 24th January 2017 - by Foxy's owners, GVC Holdings plc, we are no longer in a position to continue endorsing Foxy Bingo and other brands such as Bingo Scotland, Cheeky Bingo, Foxy Casino, Foxy Zero, ITV Bingo, Rollover Bingo, Telly Talk Bingo and Think Bingo.

GVC's actions have destroyed all trust and confidence in our business relationship with these brands - and it is for this reason we are no longer endorsing these brands.

Please note that have no concerns regarding players using any of these brands. It is your choice as to where you play bingo online.

Our statement above simply outlines the situation as to why we cannot link you to the likes of Foxy, Cheeky and Rollover.

We Are Happy To Recommend

We hope that our decision doesn't effect your enjoyment of Loquax - and we hope that the above explains our position.