Dragonfish Real Money Network

With changes expected in the taxation of 'free bonus money', Dragonfish launched the Real Money Network in February 2017 with the arrival of Blighty Bingo. Although still using the same software as the likes of Iceland, Loquax, Bubble Bonus and Chit Chat, this new networks unique selling point is that it offers no bonus money. As there's no bonus money it means players don't have to worrh about wagering tems.

No wagering is good news for players who don't like bonuses and being tied into wagering terms. Any wins that are forthcoming from free bingo tickets (as offered on first deposit) or free spins are paid out as cash. These are then withdrawable without the player having to spend a certain amount of money. Note however that the minimum that you can withdraw at any one time is 35 and that there are associated terms and conditions.

Featured Sites

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About The Network

Other than the no wagering aspect, this Dragonfish based network isn't much different from it's original counterpart. There are 75 ball and 90 ball games, free bingo, Sure Win jackpots and the usual selection of slots. As far as we're aware this network doesn't share any bingo games or jackpots with the original. This does mean that you may find yourself playing for smaller pots and that less players are online.

We anticipate that this selection of sites will expand in 2017 and going into 2018. However, trying to convince players who have enjoyed bonuses for years is a tough ask.

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