The Loquax Bingo Trackpots!

Back in 2010 we introduced 'trackpots' to Loquax. Using data supplied by bingo operators we were able to show the frequency of 75 ball and 90 ball progressive jackpot wins at several bingo brands. This innovation even won us an Affiliates4U award - for best online gambling site - back in 2010! However, in 2017 we decided to close the trackpot area. As brands/operators have merged they've reduced access to data that's needed for the trackpots to work. We had hoped this trend would change, but getting good data from operators has become almost impossible.

How It Worked

Bingo TrackpotMany bingo sites offer progressive jackpots, but how often are they won and when's the best time to play? To help you we've put together The Trackpot! Using simple graphical images we're able to show you which games are paying out and where the current jackpot is going compared to the last few weeks.

The Trackpot allowed you to see how a progressive bingo jackpot fluctuates over time. If there are loads of peaks and troughs then the jackpot is being regularly won - and we can tell you when it was won.

Bingo TrackpotA shallow rising curve will show you that a jackpot isn't increasing in value very fast, whilst a steep curve shows you that the jackpot is soaring.

The Trackpots provide you with extra information about the jackpots on offer and shows you which bingo sites are paying out and the frequency of wins.

Sadly the trackpot can't predict when a jackpot will be won.

As a bingo player if you know a particular game creates regular winners then you might want to play on that site more often. When a jackpot is less frequent, by using the trackpot, you can see how fast it's rising and decide whether it's worth playing (before or after the jackpot has fallen).

If the situation regarding operator data changes then we will try and resurrect the trackpots at a later date. They were fun whilst they lasted! The good news is that we can provide trackers for progressive slot jackpots such as Mega Moolah!