Tweet & Google Maps To Win Daily With Nectar

November 1st, 2012

Back in July we told you about a daily deal promotion from Nectar. In that competition Londoners had the chance to win fantastic prizes by using Twitter and getting to a location to claim the goodies. If you didn’t live in The Capital then you couldn’t win as you had to physically go and claim the prize at the location.

The good news is that the reward site is back with another competition this time to celebrate their new daily deals for Birmingham and Bristol. And things are a little bit different for the new Daily Deal Competition.

The you have to be get to the location to claim the prize element has been changed – so everyone now has a chance of winning! Hooray! Nectar have instead decided to mash-up Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps to provide a fun and exciting challenge for entrants.

Here’s some information from Nectar about how it all works…

“Each weekday over two weeks an incredible prize will be hidden at a secret location – in the first week the prizes will be hidden in Birmingham and in the second the prizes will be in Bristol. To help locate the daily prize the site will feature a fully zoomed out Google Map with the only way to zoom in on the location of the prize being to tweet #dailydealhunt or share and like the page on Facebook. The more tweets, likes and shares that are made, the more the map will zoom in on the location.

When the map has fully zoomed in, it will switch to Google street view, where those taking part must then explore the area to find the deal following clues and directions that will give the users an idea as to the whereabouts of the secret location. The prize will then appear as the Nectar logo overlaid into street view and the first person to find and click on the logo then complete their details will be able to claim the prize.”

The Nectar Daily Deal will run over until Friday 9th November 2012) so make sure you give it a go. Prizes include a Piaggio Zip Scooter, a Sony AV System, a Bose DAB Radio and an iPad.


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