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We’re pretty sure that once upon a time comping was pretty straightforward. A site or brand would put up a giveaway, a portal such as Loquax would link to it and send traffic (or compers if you like), those people would enter and everything in the garden would be rosy. Occasionally you’d get one or […]

The comping community is all a buzz at the moment with regards to the latest newspaper articles to feature a successful comper. As ever the headlines scream out the amounts won and the number of comps entered etc. However the big difference to the usual article is that the comper in question has according to […]

A couple of years back it’s safe to say that one aspect of comping really riled us – automated competition entry services. We pretty much led the way in making compers and promoters aware of this spam that was essentially ruining a lot of competitions. Our blog Automated Competition Entry IPs & Emails: Updated Help […]

Despite the fact that Facebook states that users are only allowed one account it’s a well known fact in comping circles that some people have a couple. One for personal and private use and one to specifically for competitions. However, some people use multiple accounts just for comping and it’s not gone unnoticed. In fact […]

Over the five weeks of our Christmas Countdown competition we asked a few questions about your favourite things at Christmas. We wanted to know avout your favourite Christmas movie, song, carol, food and what you’d like to see under the tree from Santa. We’ve collected all the data, verified it and and here are the […]

People who tend to enter a lot of competitions are often regarded as a “professional comper” – a media term that we think isn’t really appropriate to describe someone who just enjoys trying to win prizes as a hobby. After all, a person who spends a lot of time at train stations isn’t known as […]

We stumbled on an interesting article yesterday by Sian Meades entitled The rise of the ‘extreme comper’. Sian is a blog editor and in her article she comments on how one winner received unpleasantness from others about their win and she also vents her frustrations about compers who enter for anything/everything and perhaps even then […]

Promoveritas have put out an interesting PR article this weekend entitled “Money for nothing – the rise of the ‘professional comper’ represents a new threat to marketing promotions, warns PromoVeritas“. It tells brands that this new breed of professional entrants “threatens to affect tens of thousands of marketing campaigns unless action is taken now by […]

Competitions are in the press again thanks to an interesting article in The Telegraph called Win Big From Competitions. The article tries to put across a message that you can do well from doing competitions but elements of the article may well be disheartening to many who enjoy the comping hobby and who play by […]

A competition site that uses Twitter has had an interesting few days! Scramble asks entrants to post items on it’s site and then these are retweeted by other players during the day. The item with the most tweets wins a prize with another prize awarded randomly to those who tweeted. This weekend, however, a gaming […]