New Server Gives Loquax a Boost

October 16th, 2009

In recent month’s we’ve been experiencing issues such as pages not loading or slow connections to our database, and know that our users have also been getting frustrated by similar problems. However, all that is now behind us as our brand new server is now online and hopefully everyone is enjoying better access and faster loading of Loquax.

The new server is in fact an additional server, and now brings the collection of machines powering our business to three. However, this set up includes looking after a few other sites we run but two machines are solely dedicated to the Loquax site – we need that much power. Hopefully we are now structured so that we can continue to expand and grow further.

Of course, none of this is possible at all without our service provider. Positive Internet have been hosting (and server managing) Loquax for almost 10 years and they’ve seen us grow and grow via their server range. They do a great job for us!

Before the new server

It’s great that the site continues to grow, but sadly servers aren’t free and this new addition now means extra costs.

Don’t worry we won’t be charging you (not this week anyway lol).

However, if you do want to support Loquax then you can do so quite easily by using things like our voucher codes when you shop online. Follow the links, use the codes, you save money, we get paid (and then can buy even more servers when the time comes).

Don’t think support for the site just has to be monetary. Tell your friends, mention us on Twitter or Facebook! You can also support us by letting us know of new competitions or errors on site. Every little helps!

We’re now hoping for a server problem free few months (year/as long as possible) and hope that you’ve seen a marked improvement when using Loquax this past week.

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