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Bet Victor Casino (formerly VC Casino) have unleashed a new advert to promote their online games. In the advert we see a aging hippy rocker pull up outside a posh house to tell Victor that he's off to Las Vegas to spin the craps, shoot the slots and yank the one armed bandit.

The guy is wired on coffee and has two passengers - who seem to have no reason to be in the car whatsoever. Victor explains that the driver can play all his favourite games without heading out on the road trip. Our "hero" then falls asleep at the wheel, wakes up and announces to Victor that he off to Vegas - having completely ignored the advice or just fallen asleep through sheer boredom.

We're not overly excited by this Bet Victor Casino advert. It's not that funny, the aging rocker hippy type is ok with his "next stop... Vegas" line, the passengers in the car seem pointless and Victor is a tad too stiff with his delivery. In fact the advert is crying out for a Paddy McGuinness to rescue it.

We guess credit should also be given to the fact that it's not your standard online casino advert. There aren't slow-mo shots of good looking guys and girls rolling dice or loads of graphics of the various slots you can play. The best part of the whole thing is the Cadillac complete with horns.

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