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Bet Victor Carsino & Phonesino!

Added on 5th February 2013

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Bet Victor Casino are continuing their run of fun adverts featuring Paul Kaye. Once again Maurice, played by Kaye, comes up with an elaborate plan only to find it's thwarted by a much easier way of doing things - as explained by Victor himself. In this advert the star surely has to be the carsino.

In a previous ad, Maurice was told to forget Vegas and head to Bet Victor Casino. Unfortunately he's ignored that advice and instead come up with a much better idea - a mobile casino in a car - the carsino!

The carsino we think is actually a Renault that at the touch of a button converts into a mini Las Vegas. The car is pretty cool but if it had been a DeLorean ala Back To the Future then it's have been even cooler. As mentioned Victor is unimpressed and demonstrates to Maurice that he can play games via a mobile app - or phonesino as he he calls it.

The adverts are good fun and with the presence of Paul Kaye, the man behind Dennis Pennis and Mike Strutter, they have a lot more character compared to the bright lights and flashing slots that are standard for casino adverts.

If all this wasn't impressive enough then Bet Victor are still offering 10 free to players to give their casino a try. No deposit is required either.

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