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One of our favourite series of betting/casino adverts over the last 12 months has to be those from Bet Victor. The Maurice and Victor collection are clever as well as funny and stand out amongst the usual bingo and casino fare. The good news is that the dynamic duo are back again promoting Bet Victor Casino.

In this advert Victor has gone to New York but you know Maurice is going to show up sooner or later. He actually has packed himself away in Victor's bag and hopes they've arrived in Las Vegas so they can hit the slots. Of course he doesn't have to do this as all the fun of the Bet Victor Casino is available via mobile and tablet.

The advert is great and the interaction between Maurice (Paul Kaye) and Victor (Victor) is brilliant as usual. However, the ad did leave us wondering something. Can UK residents access a UK casino from The USA? The current gambling restrictions in The States makes us wonder whether UK gaming sites get blocked at source or whether the sites disallow US traffic.

A quick Google for the answer didn't come up with anything useful so hopefully someone out there knows the answer. If not it's something we'll have to try out at a later date. If it's not possible to access a UK casino site from New York then whilst the advert is great it could actually be incorrect.

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