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Play For Juicy Prizes On Games With Oomph

Added on 1st August 2017

A few years ago, it was bingo that was popping up on the TV with some strange adverts. Who can forget that dancing cactus or a giant pooping pigeon? Since then though bingo ads have either vanished or become pretty safe - another word for boring. So it's down to casino brands to wave the flag in the entertaining or odd TV add stakes.

Casumo's latest offering possibly falls more into the odd category. When we first saw it (above) we didn't immediately clock that it was a casino advert. It starts off in black and white 'B' movie mode with men in white coats receiving messages from a distance universe.

These distant beings didn't want to share any great scientific advancements or offer a gift for mankind. However they did want humans to "play for juicy prizes" and give games some oomph. At this point the advert switches back to colour to tell us the ad is for Casumo - a casino! And that's pretty much it.

The advert gives no indication of the games that are at Casumo and no welcome offers or bonuses are hinted at. The latter we believe gives Casumo access to earlier TV audiences - or it may well be that there's less chance of having a run in with Advertising Standards.

At first we didn't really get the 'aliens from another universe' reference in the advert, but when you look at the Casumo website it does seem to have an outer space theme. Mind we are grasping at straws a little. The site does also have a cute icon which also appears in the ad.. is it an alien? Who knows!

We think this ad is one for The X-Files. There's obviously a good idea in there dying to get out but we'd want aliens to do more than transmit some messages and give games some oomph.

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