Competition Scams

As in all walks of life there's always a few bad apples in the basket. Scams are few and far between in the comping world but they do occur. These include bogus emails, oversea lottery wins, fake Facebook pages, and promoters running dodgy competitions. As a site we try and do our best to make sure that the competitions listed are checked and good enough for our users. If we're uncomfortable about a competition that's been posted to Loquax then we will remove it.

If you're unsure about a competition or have received a winning notification that perhaps asks you to pay out money then do check it out first. For example you could Google for answers, post on the Loquax Forums for help and advice or check with comping friends for their opinion.

What To Do

The best advice as "what to do" is found on the Department of Culture's website and are summarised below.

  • If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!
  • Ask yourself: "How can I win a lottery prize if I've never purchased a ticket?"
  • Try not to respond to a bogus promotion
  • Avoid dialling premium rate phone numbers

Fake Competitions

Fake Facebook Competitions crop up every now and then. Although they're easy to spot - as we explain on our blog - compers still fall for them "just in case they're real". The first piece of advice above - if it's too good to be true - is usually a good thing to remember when you see a prize draw for 50 Range Rovers, 100 Disney Holidays or a Warehouse of iPhones!

A similar approach needs to be adopted to spot fake Twitter competitions. Too many compers dive in and retweet anything and everything without looking for terms or checking out the promoter's profile.

Look Out For Letters

As a comper you may well eventually receive a letter from The Prize Directory or Unclaimed Prize Registry. These letters will suggest you're a winner and encourage you to phone a premium rate number. Our advice is to avoid them - you can find out more on our blog.

Scam competitions - where things aren't what they seem - aren't as easy to spot. Over the years we've seen comps which have vanished without any winners being announced, bogus websites and winners being related to the competition promoters.

Thankfully these are few and far between but it's worth keeping tabs on the comping community pages for when these issues arise.

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