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Ask successful compers about which comps yield the best results for them and many will say creative ones. The days of the rhyming slogan have long left us, but the internet has meant it's easier to encourage people to get creative. If you like taking photos, making videos or coming up with fab recipes then there's often a cool competition for you. If you have kids then all the better as quite often you need them to get involved.

The key to creative competitions is making sure you read the rules before you craft an entry. Check to see if the competition is judged or a random prize draw - if the latter then is it worth making a lot of effort? You also need to see whether it's a voting competition. We're not fond of them in any form but some voting comps are run better than others.

Instagram Competitions

Creative competitions come in all shapes and sizes. They may run on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the old school way - via a website. You don't always have to be a top photographer or video maker to take part either. Quite often promoters will look beyond the technical qualities of an entry. Of course if you're entering a photography competition then that's not the case.

Latest Creative Competitions!

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More About Creative Competitions

Our advice for this kind of comping is give it a go. Too many compers get bogged down in the share/likes side of things and spend a lot of time chasing small prizes with high entry numbers. Taking photos, doing recipes and making videos gives you a creative outlet and makes you work a little harder for a prize. You also get to have a bit of fun at the same time.

For inspiration to take up this side of comping we suggest taking a look at SuperLucky. Di has entered a lot of comps where she's had to create something, take a photo or even do a video. She's not always successful but she does have a lot of fun with her entries.

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