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Welcome to the Loquax Competitions.
To gain access to the Loquax Competitions Community you will need to register first. It's free and we don't sell your details! Once you've signed up you'll then be on your way to being part of Loquax where we hope you'll enjoy comping.

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Loquax Community Forums
Have a question? Got something to say? Want to let off steam or share a funny story? In this section you can chat with other users about competitions, Loquax or anything else that takes your fancy. Newbies who want to post on the forum should drop into 'Come & Say Hello' first.
Site Announcements & Your Feedback
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The latest site announcements and news. Please only post questions about Loquax issues.
Loquax Blog, Twitter, Facebook Fans
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Comping Community Chat
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The all new singing and all dancing chat forum for the Loquax Community. Please use for chat, comping chat, freebies etc.
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Welcome to Loquax - Come & Say Hello
New to Loquax? Want to share competitions? Then drop in here and say hello We require you to make a quick introductory post before posting on the forums.
Introduction To Loquax, Forum FAQ
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Loquax Competition Listings
Loquax's competition listings are posted by users for users to the forum, but we then rejig them into easier to use lists. You will find links to new today, closing soon, prize categories etc. by choosing "Competitions"on the red navbar. Our free tracker will let you ignore and mark comps as entered too. Don't forget to share comps with your fellow Loquats. Good Luck!
Online & Email Competitions
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ITV Comps, Popular Magazines, New Comps, Closing Soon, Dailies, Monthly, Entered
Track your comp entries with the 'Entered' button!
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Daily Web Entry & Instant Win
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Online daily entry and instant win comps
Simple Daily List with Tracker
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Postal Competitions
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Enter by post competitions
Tracker, Entered, Not Entered, Closing, Posters
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Phone & Text Competitions
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Phone, mobile or text comps
Daily Entry, Entered, Not Entered, Closing
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Daily Festive/Christmas/Advent Competitions 2020
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Forum for posting daily festive/advent/12 Days Of Christmas competitions.
Quick List.
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Social Media Comps - One Day Only Comps
One day only social media competitions should now be posted in the main section. By adding a "Today Only" prefix they can then all be found listed by clicking on the forum link.
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Local Groups For Competitions & Compers
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Meet friends, discuss comps and have a chat with compers in your local area.
Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire, North East, Midlands, North West
East of England, London & SE, South & South West, Ireland
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Other Competitions Archive
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Archive of old posts to the Other Competitions forum; for reference only.
Search Forums
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Winners Lists & Prize Winners
It's always good to know that people win the competitions posted on the site. Please feel free to share your latest wins with other Loquax users. You can also check out the latest winner lists as posted by you for you. If you spot a winner list on a site then why not share it here too?
The Winners Post
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Got a WEM or LWE? Tell people what and where you have won!
Top Winners
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Winners Lists
Compiled by users for users... (and occasionally other forums who come and have a nosey!)
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Loquax U2U Competitions
U2U Competitions have been part of Loquax for many years. These are mini prize draws for fun prizes run for you by you. You're free to run your own giveaway - just post away. Note that users need to have made posts on Loquax to participate.
New! User to User Competitions - Open
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Small mini competitions run by users for users
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New! User to User Competitions - Waiting
Closed user to user competitions waiting for winners to be picked.
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New! User to User Competitions - Closed
Closed user to user competitions.
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