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This is a list of daily entry competitions that you've chosen to ignore. Here you can unignore them by clicking the cross!

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Using The Tracker
  • Click the duck to show that you have entered the competition. The comp will fade out and reappear the next day.
  • If you click the cross then the competition will be ignored and disappear from view.
  • If you click a duck or cross by mistake just click it again to restore it.
  • Clicking on the Posted by User link will take you to the original forum post for more information
  • Links will take up to 15 minutes to appear in this list after they are posted in the forum (and the same when they are removed from the forum).
  • No ducks? Logout and then login to Loquax but with 'Remember Me' ticked!
  • If you reload the page then tracked comps will be hidden!

No competitions? That's because there aren't any to show you. Either none have been posted or you've entered them all!