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What Can I Have In My Signature?
We do allow images in signatures but please keep them reasonably sized and not overfully fussy. As a guide we suggest your image should be around 48x48 pixels. Links or adverts should not be added either. To find out how to add an image to your signature and for more guidelines please visit the Testing Area.

Why Do I Get A Message At The Top Of Loquax?
Some users will see a message at the top of the forums when they visit!

1. Guests: You will see a message telling you to join up so that you can see the forums!

2. Users with 0 Posts: You will see a message encouraging you to make that first post and get involved.

3. Users who haven't posted in > 14 days: You will see a message saying we've not heard from you in a while and encouraging you to join in.

The message is meant as a friendly reminder and is nothing personal, so please don't take offence. You are free to ignore the message, but it will only disappear if you register or make a post.

Why Can't I See Some Forums?
Some forums (e.g. Swaps, U2U and Personal Advice) are not open to new users. To protect regular users, these areas are only accessible once you have made a few posts and been part of the community. A time restriction is also in place, so even if you have made the relevant number of posts, you must have been a member of Loquax for at least 2 weeks before the forums become visible.

Why Has My Post Been Moderated?
Loquax operates a moderated forum and as such some posts may be editted or deleted as appropriate. If your post is moderated you should receive an automated PM notification explaining what has happened to your post. For example if it has been moved to a more appropriate forum or if a link has been changed.

Which Forum Should I Post In?
Over the years we've streamlined the forum so that there's less choice when it comes to deciding where to post. Using the descriptions on the (forum list) you should be able to decide the best option for competition posts and chat. If your post does end up in the wrong section then it may be moved to a more appropriate one by a moderator.

Can I Ask Users To Vote For Me?
Sorry, but we don't allow vote or referall requests from users. The reason is that previously referral/votes were requested by people who never used the forum. Therefore we removed the whole thing.

What Is A U2U Competition?
A U2U competition is a user to user competition - competitions run by users for users (see forum). A user offers a small prize and invites other users to enter their prize draw. The competitions tend to run for a short time and a winner is picked at random.

Why Do Some Links Get Removed?
Loquax is a business and ultimately we want to protect it. Therefore links to other competition portal sites and sites that may impede on our business will be, at our descretion, removed. Referral links are also removed.

What Is My Prize Profile?
The Prize Profile is an area of your user details you can edit to reflect your success (or lack of it) with comping. Your can add 'Best Prize', 'Biggest Prize', 'Recent Wins', 'Dream Win' and 'Strangest Win'. It's just a bit of fun and helps other users get to know you. It's entirely up to you whether you choose to fill it in.