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Why Are Header Formats Important?
The only areas of the site that we're strict on header formats are the Postcard, WWW/Email and Phone/SMS sections. By following a set format we are able to provide users with a way of searching the site and using the offline tracker system. Essentially, it's a way to make life simpler for everyone.

Also by including closing dates that are clear, it's also a lot easier to manage out of date competitions.

What Is The Correct Posting Format?
The correct format to use is as follows:

Type of Competition - Brief Prize Description - Closing Date

For the type of competition the following abbreviations should be used:

1. Pcard - Postcards
2. SMS - SMS
3. Phone - Phone
4. Email - Email
5. Web Competitions - WWW
6. NPN - No Purchase Necessary

Multiple options can be used.

The prize description should be brief but descriptive.

Closing date should follow a 12th April, 25th December, 14th January format. The year can be added too if required. Our search is set up to only include competitions in the last six months, so old competions will not appear.

Pcard - Sony Bravia TV - 12th June
WWW Email - Holiday to Florida - 18th August
Pcard SMS Phone - Bag of Haribo Mix - 28th February

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