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Getting Started With Loquax
Loquax can appear daunting at first to many a user, but once you've got past the initial shock, the site is in fact relatively easy to use. We advise all new users to read through our Beginner's Guide as this gives a quick overview of the whole site.

A lot of new users jump straight into the competition tracker section of Loquax, however we do advise that new users try the Quick Comp Listings first and get used to entering competitions. These listings are simple lists like other competition portals (and easy to navigate too).

Getting Started With Loquax's Forums
The forum is a busy and active competition community and may seem a bit complex at first. We advise you to take a brief look at our Dummies Guide To Posting on Loquax - it's a 20 point guide explaining the forums and how things work.

Some people get daunted by the number of forums we have. However, it actually makes life easier having forums split up into simple categories and gives all users an opportunity to join in various comping and non-comping discussion.

Getting Started With The Online Competition Tracker
Loquax's competition tracker is slightly different to what people expect. It relies on user's telling us they've entered competitions and not based on a clickthrough (which only tells us you've clicked a link to go and enter a competition).

To get the most from the tracking system, it's important that you read our tracker guide. It takes you step by step through the workings of the tracker and explains what it can and can't do.

Note, tracker version 3 is coming!

Getting Started With The Offline Competition Tracker
In an attempt to confuse you further (lol) we also have an offline competition tracker system in place too. It's simple to use (you just click the 'thanks' button) and means you can keep track of the competitions you're entering that have been posted on the forums (more details). The offline tracker will also show you the competitions you've entered, and the ones you haven't! Oh, and it's free!