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How To Post A Competition On Loquax
Posting a competition to Loquax is very similar to making a post on a forum - and hopefully it's relatively easy. To start off look for the big bright yellow "Add A Competition" button or find the link under 'Competitions' on the red navigation bar.

To post a competition you need to complete the following on the form. Details on Competition Type is below but the most important initial elements are 'Site Name', 'Prize', 'Closing Date' and 'Category'.

The link to the competition is then posted in the "Competition Details" section. The very minimum required is a link. However you are free to post additional details. Answers can also be posted.

Finally we require a tag and icon to be added. This tag is basically the same as the site name. The icon is used to indicate the type of competition such as Facebook, Rafflecopter etc.

Once you've completed the details just click "Submit New Thread".

On submission our system will check to see if the competition is already in the system. If all is good then the competition is posted to the forum and then our set-up will show the competition in our listings. That's pretty much it.

Choosing A Competition Type When Submitting Competitions
On the competition submission form you will see a drop down box called 'Type Of Comp'. The options are explained below.

  • WWW - default option and means entry is online
  • WWW Extra Entry - entrants can enter the same competition more than once
  • WWW Instant Win - instant win competition
  • WWW Email - enter online or by email
  • WWW Phone - enter online or by phone
  • WWW Pcard - enter online or by postcard
  • WWW SMS - enter online or by text
  • WWW SMS Phone - enter online, by text or phone
  • Email - enter by email
  • Email Pcard - enter by email or postcard
  • Email SMS - enter by email or text
  • Email SMS Phone - enter by email, text or phone
  • Today Only - one off competition that's only open today (e.g. WinItWednesday)
If you're in doubt with which option to use then just stick with 'WWW'.

Can I Post Answers On Loquax - How To Post Spoilers
There's no hard and fast rule about posting answers when sharing competitions. It's entirely up to you.

If you choose to share an answer then we suggest using the SPOILER tag. This way if anyone viewing the post doesn't want to see the answer then they don't have to.

To get the SPOILER tag click the black S (indicated below) and this will add [SPOILER] [/SPOILER] to your post. Place the answer between the tags.

How To Add A Twitter Competition
When posting a twitter link on the forums you can use tags so that the tweet appears in the post.

1. On the competition form look for the blue twitter symbol that's just above the smilies.

2. When you click the twitter symbol [TWEET] and [/TWEET] will appear in the form area

3. In the space between the [TWEET] and [/TWEET] tags - copy and paste your Twitter link

4. Submit the competition and the tweet will appear

Searching By Tags
There are a number of ways that you can check to see if a competition you're about to post has already been listed. In our view the easiest way is to do a tag search. You can search tags either via the drop down box in the red navbar. Enter a search term and make sure the dropdown box (indicated below) is set to 'Tags'.


The key to searching with tags is not to use the full name of the site you're searching for. For example if we were checking 'Chemist Direct' we would put 'chemist' in the search box. Likewise for 'Your Home Style' we would look for 'your home'. We suggest doing this as some tags have seperate words whilst some do not. Love Reading 4 Kids has the tag lovereading4kids so any live competitions will be found on 'love', 'reading' '4kids' etc. but not for 'love reading'.

Alternatively you can go to the Tag & Link Comp Search page. This can be located by clicking on the magnifying glass icon (as indicated).


By using the search box potential tags will start to appear as you type.


If searching for tags doesn't work out then you can always try checking for duplicates by link.

Finally if you do post a competition that's already listed then our database checks usually will flag it so don't worry too much if you're unsure about tag searches.

Searching By Competition Link
Another way to check for an already posted competition is to search by link or url. This can be found under the Tag & Link Comp Search. Click on the magnifying glass icon to find the link.


As with a tag search the key is to not search on the full link. Instead try and search on a shorter version such as 'loquax.co.uk' or even 'loquax'. This will give you more chance of getting a result. In the example below we've chosen lovereading4kids.co.uk!