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Making Your First Post - Say Hello
Our forum is for posting competitions and chat amongst the Loquax community. All users are welcome to post. However before you can make a post you need to "Say Hello". This is simply a quick first post. We introduced this because we used to get a lot of forum spam appearing overnight. This stopped that happening so that's why we use it.

Note that you do not need to post on the forums in order to use the competition listings

To make your first post

  1. Go to the Welcome to Loquax - Come & Say Hello section on Loquax.
  2. Click on the new thread blue button

  3. Add a title (e.g. Hello Loquax)
  4. Put a short and sweet message in the Message box
  5. Click the "Submit New Thread" button

Once you've made this post give the system a minute or two and you'll then be able to post on other sections of the forum.

Note that the Say Hello section isn't frequently used by other users - so if you have questions we suggest posting in Chat.

Which Forum Should I Post In?
Over the years we have streamlined the forum so hopefully it's self explanatory where things get posted. However the below should assist.
  1. Site Announcements & Your Feedback - for anything to do with the website
  2. Comping Community Chat - chat with other users about comping and anything else
  3. Welcome to Loquax - Come & Say Hello - only post your 'say hello' post here.
  4. Online & Email Competitions - for the majority of competitions
  5. Daily Web Entry & Instant Win - for instant win giveaways and comps with daily prizes
  6. Postal Competitions - comps that you enter by post
  7. Phone & Text Competitions - comps that you enter by phone or text
  8. Local Groups - regionalised sections for chat and competitions
  9. The Winners Posts - share your wins with other users
  10. Winners List - seen a winners list? Share it here!

Referrals, Votes, Affiliate Links, Moderation & Moderators
We don't have too many rules on Loquax but there are a few important ones.

1. Firstly we don't allow users to post referrals, vote requests or affiliate links.

  • A referral is a personalised link that generates rewards (e.g. extra entries) for the poster.
  • An affiliate link is a link that generates a reward, usually a commission, for the poster.
  • A vote request is when a user asks for votes to win a competition

2. Some posts may contain Loquax's affiliate links. These mean we may earn a small commission on future sales with a particular site. These links do not effect your competition entry and help support the site.

3. Loquax operates a moderated forum and as such may be editted or removed as appropriate. If your post is moderated you should receive an automated private message notification explaining what has happened to your post. For example if it has been moved to a more appropriate forum or if a link has been changed. Click the link to find your private messages or click the envelope icon on the listings.

4. We have a handful of moderators who help keep things running smoothly on the forum and listings. They may edit posts, move posts or delete posts plus they can close threads and undertake other forum activities as required. Mods are volunteers and give up valuable time to assist us and help you. Our current mods are Jill, Guy and tizliz.

5. Jason & Kirsty are the people who have overall control of everything that happens on Loquax. They manage the site and are responsible for making sure everything runs as it should. They can also moderate posts as well as assist users with their accounts. If you require help with the site then you are welcome to contact us at any time.

Using The Forum For Entering Competitions
Some users prefer to use the forum system for entering competitions. We don't mind this although do suggest you opt for the main listings as these are - in our opinion - quicker and easier to use. However the two systems are linked up with the tracker.

To find competitions go to the forum. You'll see the latest posts.

Click on a link to see the details of the competitions in the relevant post. You can track if you've entered a competition by clicking entered or ignored on the post. Note that the "thanks" button is not the tracker.

The button you select will turn gray

When you then reload the forum you will see whether you've entered or ignored competitions. This saves you clicking back and forth to check if you've entered.

If you decide to use the main listings then the entered and ignored tracking carries over. You can review entered competitions and review ignored competitions in the same way.