Account Activation Problems

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I Haven't Received My Activation Code!

When you register with Loquax an email is automatically sent to your registered email account straight away with your activation code. If you have not received this email it may be because you have entered an incorrect email address, your ISP, you have designated 'Loquax' emails to go into your junk bin or it's simply been lost! AOL and Yahoo users may need to check their spam/trash files!!

I've Lost/Not Got An Activation Code

Activation code emails are generated automatically - if you've not received it then make sure you've checked your spam/trash folders first! AOL and Hotmail users will generally find that the emails have gone into these folders. Don't blame us - blame AOL and Hotmail!

If you still haven't got your activation email then click here and enter your email address to be get another email including your activation code.

If after this you still are having activation problems then please email and your account will be manually activated. Please include your (1) username and (2) registered email address. Please note, that without these we will not activate your account. Also this may not be done immediately!

For security your email address needs to be valid, therefore please email us from the email account you have used to register at Loquax.

I Have A Code, But I Can't Activate My Account

Some web based email browsers - like AOL - don't allow some users to click on links to go to the activation page. If this problem is effecting you either copy and paste the web address into your web browser address bar, or contact us as described above.

I Have Emailed You But My Account Is Inactive

Activation requests are usually performed within 48 hours, however this be longer if you email us at weekends. Please note that activation requests that have not included a username and correct email address are deleted. If we have not performed your request after 48 hours please feel free to contact us again as described above.